Saturday, 19 December 2015

Spartans' first 40k tournament a success

Last Sunday, the Spartans played host to their first competitive 40k tournament under the watchful eye and guidance of Will who was more than happy to organise the event (along with some really funky hand drawn score sheets which definitely need reusing for future events!).

With the event rules allowing for inclusion of 30k armies, avid Horus Heresy fans were able to give their prized new lists a tryout against some of the best formations and units from the 40k universe, like DJ's specifically cheesy Eldar list (blaming Dwayne Pipe for informing him that everyone was bringing ). Andy brought his Night Lords down, whilst Rich made use of a Solar Auxlia list and Matt played with his shiny Mechanicum (Mechanicum was almost as popular as Knights I think!).

There was a fair amount of filth brought to the table as expected, but there was a great balance of fun within the gaming, making sure all who took part had a great time and would enjoy taking part again. The most memorable in-game action had to be Rich's heroic plasma wielding grunt who killed off the Knight Lancer in overwatch, granting Rich 'slay the warlord' and more importantly, amusing him greatly!

First place went to Lawrence's 3-knight-list, whilst Neil battled it out on the top tables to come runner up, and DJ blitzing the competition to get bronze (they are after all inspired by the Miami Dolphins so needed a link to NFL inspired combat).

First place: Lawrence
Second: Neil
Third: DJ

Metaphorical wooden spoon: Joel's Necons

Knight Titans were a popular choice, with some interesting Knight on Knight action throughout the day. Matt blasted away a fair amount with his Atrapos, whilst Neil used the firepower of his Castigator to good use and engaged in a few brawls, and Lawrence made great tactical usage of his knights to control the board to his game changing advantage.

Si used the opportunity to retire his list so to speak that had been so effective in the recent 1k league, whilst Neil took to the field with his Castigator and AdMech list, and Lawrence ran a list of Cerastus Knight-Lancer.

The use of allies made more some pretty mean combos as well. Lawrence added to his Knights with an Admech detachment, whilst Neil brought the dakka with his battle servitors. Chad finished strongly middle of the pact with his Harlies who pulled off some notable kills with their instant death abilities, and James brought the Ork wave machine to good effect.

Knights and Wraithknights weren't the only Lords of War, with John having fun blasting away with what is known at the club as his "Tuna" (although no dolphins were harmed in netting it).

All in all a great day of warfare and a sign of great things to come at the club.

James' wave of Orks made for some cinematic looking games.

Clash of the titans - for reals y'all!

How to hide a Knight. Lawrence using the scenery to play hide and seek with his warlord choice, a Kinght Lancer!

 Matt with his elite force of AdMech.

 Two knights, what odds?

 Let's just hug it out...

 Knight versus Knight.

John's affectionately named (or is that, rudely dubbed?!) "Tuna" in action.

 The Tau Supremacy Suit shows how supreme its template blasts are!

 Deej's Man of the Match (or should that be Wraith Construct of the Match) who .

Neil putting on an a technical demonstration on how to hide your army all in one building

Rich's nicely converted rabble of rebellious Auxilia fight off against the well generaled forces of Shadowseer Chad.

James' horde of Orks and Andy's 30k Night Lords face off.

The Magos' multi-wound meat shield!

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