Tuesday, 26 April 2016

40k Cup: Asking the organiser!

With the inaugural 40k Cup just around the corner at the club, I thought it would be a great idea to pick the brains of its running man, or should that be organiser, Peter. There's a lot of interesting building as the competition ramps up, with people finetuning their lists for the deadline. And with this in mind, I thought I'd ask to get a slightly deeper understanding for the thoughts behind running it in this format and its intentions.

 This is what Google produced, but the cup will definitely look different, 
even in spite of Steve's 8th Edition tournament winning foam cup in the early days of the club!!

So, onto the Q&A!

What was your inspiration for setting up the cup?
I'm really enjoying running the cup so far, even though we haven't even rolled any dice yet. I wanted to be involved in running an event as the last 40k league was great fun to take part in so I thought I'd get involved.

What were your motivations?
The cup format seemed like a great way to make a competitive competition that was going to be exciting whilst ensuring a minimum number of games for the players that go out in the first round.

Why the format? With a cup it whittles down players, do you feel this brings a more exciting/dynamic interest?
Having a straight knock out competition eliminates half of the players after the first game so this should be more engaging and also generate interest as other players' games will really matter to everyone.

The cup brings a more competitive element to gaming at the club. Do you think this is a good thing and why? And with more players attending tournaments it can only encourage that growth?
I'm hoping that the knockout rounds will be really competitive. Judging by some of the lists I've seen there are some really competitive armies so we should see some epic clashes.

Do you have any plans for the future? Like keeping it a regular event?
The elimination process is going to be great for bragging rights at the club too.

We'll see how the cup goes and if it's a success I'm sure there will be opportunity for the winner to defend his title!

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